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How Much Do Most Plumbers Charge Per Hour UK?

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How Much Do Most Plumbers Charge Per Hour UK?

Plumbing services are probably the only kind of service that you cannot just set aside for the next day. A day or two without electricity may be tolerable but if there is something wrong with your drainage or water supply, you want to sort it out as soon as possible.

The average hourly rates of plumbers in the UK range from £40 to £80 per hour on top of the call out charge that is often two times the cost of the standard hourly rate. However, this amount often includes an hour of labour. The charge will also probably be higher if it is an emergency case.

You might find these emergency and standard prices for plumbing services somewhat steep. However, don’t expect plumbers to drop everything just to go to your house at such a short notice with no proper payment for their effort.

Sadly, you can never put off going to the bathroom for several hours straight. Everyone also needs to drink clean water and use a functional sink. If you need a plumber to check an issue with your home’s plumbing system, you usually shouldn’t waste any minute to call one. Emergencies at home will never wait for you and you need to deal with them immediately. As a result, expect that you will also be charged accordingly.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge?

Different plumbing jobs require different skills, labour times, and materials and for this reason, plumbers may charge a rate per hour, per day, or they can also charge you rate per job.

It will help to request several quotes because every plumber charges a different price. But, it is also important that you consider the level of experience of a plumber as it also affects the cost. Always remember, however, that the cheapest quotes are not necessarily the best choice all the time.

The average cost of plumbing services is £347.50 per day or £50 per hour.

Average Hourly Rate for Plumbers

Most professionals have their own minimum charge, often the price of an hour’s work. There are also plumbers that charge a call out fee. It is something they will ideally discuss with you before they go to your home. If the job takes over an hour, the extra work is usually charged per hour.

Day Rate of Plumbers

With easy and quick jobs, it is often best to request for quotes based on hourly rates. But, for plumbing concerns that might take longer to fix, it is best to choose a plumber that charges per day that might be relatively cheaper than an hourly rate.

Cost of Emergency Plumbing Services

Sadly, there are plumbing issues that occur outside standing working hours, and when this happens, you need to call an emergency plumber. Working on weekends, overnight, or during holidays means that plumbers are going to charge higher rates for the inconvenience on their part.

Most of the time, emergency plumbers charge two times more than their usual hourly rate on top of a call out charge. While you can wait until standard working hours to save money, there are problems that must be fixed immediately to prevent more serious damages.


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