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Do Plumbers Give Free Quotes?

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Do Plumbers Give Free Quotes?

Ask any successful businessman and they will surely tell you that “time is money.” It might be an age-old saying but it still applies when it comes to the so-called “free” quotes in today’s service or repair industry.

For an average consumer, receiving a free quote for a plumbing service might sound like a total no-brainer. A plumber will come to your house, check your pipes, and once they state a price, all you have to do is say no or yes.

What you might not realize is that these free quotes are nothing but just a simple lure for higher prices and discreetly cost you more money down the road.

Plumbers will end up losing money on these free quotes because they will spend time for both labour and travel. These costs will then be passed on to the paying clients in the form of quotes for worst-case scenarios, which means more expensive contract prices.

Simply put, plumbers that provide free quotes must charge higher for the job to allow them to recover their incurred costs and as a result, this free quote will just you cost you money.

Every time a plumber provides a flat-rate price to the customer, an emergency plumbing repair service that might take one to three hours might be estimated at five to six hours in order to cover a potential worst-case scenario.

Unlike auto mechanics, in plumbing service and repair, the customer will always be present throughout the repair process likewise during boiler repairs & servicing. It usually makes customers feel as if they will have to pay too much since they see that the job that was quoted to take 5 to 6 hours was done and completed in just a few hours.

The best and most reliable plumbers don’t give free quotes on routine plumbing repairs and services since these smaller jobs only often take one to three hours to be completed. This means that you will only pay for what you see. But, most plumbers will be more than glad to provide remodelling estimates that won’t cost you anything. This estimate is just a smaller chunk of the job that needs to be done.

When it comes to routine service, installations, and repairs, plumbers can also provide you an estimate through discussing the situation with you over the phone. It will help you decide whether their time will be worth your cash.

Many master plumbers are often left surprised because of the expectations of customers when it comes to plumbing repair. But, in real life, this is not in any way similar to the remodelling shows you see on TV that are often under the sponsorship of those big box stores.

As expected, these shows can make things seem easy because if not, you will never even bother to purchase their products and try to do the job yourself.

Expert plumbers don’t typically buy at big box stores and this is why homeowners are their best customers. The plumbers buy trusted and reliable brand parts from the reputable supply houses. Better materials, better parts, and better fitting lead to fewer call-backs, professional results, and satisfied and happy customers!