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How To Know When To Call A Plumber

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How To Know When To Call A Plumber


Plumbing is one of those things we put off until it is too late. Average homeowners  know their way around plungers and drain cleaners, which is the pinnacle of their plumbing knowledge. As some issues require expert help, you have to call a professional plumber once you notice any of these signs.



A bubbling sound when running the laundry or using the toilet means your drain is clogged or compromised. If you hear the noise when taking a shower or washing the dishes, turn the water off to prevent sewer backup.


Noise in your pipes

You know you have a leak if water runs through your pipes, whether or not you are using the taps. Check for brown or wet spots on your floors, ceilings and walls. A warm, wet spot indicates a leak in your hot water line.

Also, check your water meter. If it spins non-stop, turn the valve off and see if it comes to a halt. You can fix a running toilet on your own. Just replace damaged or worn flappers. Replacing internal tank components is a task beyond basic level, so probably best to call a plumbing professional.


Low water pressure

Gunk build-up in your faucet’s aerator can lessen water pressure. This problem can be solved by scrubbing the greasy residue. First, you have to screw off the aerator. Once you finish cleaning, screw it back to the tap. If that does not restore normal pressure, things could be serious. Perhaps it is an eroded waterline, a fractured pipe or a water leak. Do not try to fix such complex issues. Instead, contact an emergency plumber to come and help you.


Slow draining

If your bathroom and kitchen sinks do not – or take too long – to drain, call an expert to inspect the clog. Likewise, if your toilet, sink or tub won’t drain even after you use over-the-counter plungers or cleaners, call a plumber, ASAP. Trying too hard to clear the clog can lead to pipe damage.


Frozen pipes

Pipes often freeze in the cold season. During winter, look out for clanking noises when turning the tap on, visible frost on exposed pipes or sewage smell coming from the faucet. Never attempt to defrost the conduits yourself. This can result in cracks or a full burst. You can prevent frozen pipes in two ways. Let the faucets seep cold water overnight and leave sink cupboard doors open.


A sewage or sulphur odour

That foul smell of rotten eggs indicates a broken sewer pipe or vent. Left unchecked or unrepaired, broken vents or pipes can weaken your foundation and cause environmental issues. It is good to hire a plumber whenever you detect a strange smell, for instance…


Smelling of Gas

If you smell gas – whether you are outside or inside – do not ignore it. The scent is a sign of a gas leak. This time, call your utility company instead of a plumber. Open your windows and avoid using any appliances. Turning lights on can cause a spark, which can ignite the gas.

Taking immediate action is essential but maintenance is even better. Maintaining your plumbing system keeps your drains clean and fixtures working efficiently.