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What is the Safest Pipe for Drinking Water?


What is the Safest Pipe for Drinking Water?

Info Provided by Freeflow Plumbers King’s Lynn:

It is necessary to have access to safe drinking water for health measures. Potable water supply is one of your basic human rights. Of course, the last thing you want is to compromise you and your family’s health with unsafe and unsanitary plumbing materials.

Different substances such as arsenic and lead are only two of the most common water contaminants. These substances mainly come from unregulated products for plumbing. This is why it only makes sense for you to want to ensure that all of your pipes as well as other fittings stay free of these dangerous substances.

When installing your home’s water supply system, it is important to be sure that only acceptable materials are used for plumbing. You can now find different varieties of fittings and pipes but these options are not food-grade and reliable all the time.

The plumbing pipes for homes and businesses alike are available in various materials and every type has specific uses, advantages, and limitations. This is why it should be your top priority to know the safest pipe for drinking before you proceed with your plumbing installation.

CPVC – The Best Choice for Plumbing Pipe for Drinking Water

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are basically PVC pipes that have extra chlorines. These are PVC pipes are safe to use for carrying hot water. At the same, this is also a safe choice for drinking water. CPVC pipes, unlike copper pipes, are smooth, producing minimal water noise. These pipes are also insulated that helps prevent loss of energy, are fire resistant, and are more flexible compared to metals.

These pipes have all the benefits that PVC pipes have to offer with extra durability. When you use CPCV pipes, you can be sure that they won’t degrade even when exposed to hot water and give you safe water for drinking. The only difference is that these pipes come with higher price tags than PVC and might also split if you allow them to freeze.

Why Choose CPVC Pipes?

The CPVC pipes can also be used in many of the applications that use copper piping. However, there are several reasons why these pipes are considered as better options. For one, CPVC pipes have a smooth interior. This means that they produce less water noise as compared to plumbing systems made from copper. It also means that you will have little to no issues with that dreaded water hammer.

Another reason to choose CPVC pipes is that these are well insulated to prevent loss of energy in cold or hot applications. CPVC is also known to have better flexibility than metal tubing that provides a little more versatility. The last but not the least, CPVC pipes are also extremely resistant to fire.

The following are the common applications where CPVC is often used where the properties of PVC are desired but PVC cannot be used:

  • Delivery of drinking water

  • Delivery of hot water

  • Drains for hot water

  • Pipes for water and waste disposal


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