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Is King’s Lynn a Nice Place to Live?

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Is King’s Lynn a Nice Place to Live?

Info Provided by Freeflow Plumbers King’s Lynn:

King’s Lynn is among Norfolk’s most diverse towns known for a long maritime history, a flourishing festival tradition, and a colourful market and shopping centre.

King’s Lynn is even named as one of Britain’s happiest and nicest places to live in.

This is a market town located 44 miles west of Norwich, 44 miles north northeast of Cambridge, and 36 miles northeast of Peterborough that is ranked on the 6th spot in the top 10 list of the yearly happy at home index.

The survey was participated by over 17,000 people who were asked how happy and satisfied they are with the aspects of their area of where they are living.

Different factors like community spirit, the friendliness of the locals, feeling safe, the local services and the amenities available, as well as earning enough to have a comfortable life were considered.

What’s in King’s Lynn?

King’s Lynn is a solid proof how amazing topography’s effect can be. If the town was located somewhere else in the country instead of being nestled into Fens’ remoter end, tourists would have crowded the area.

Visitors would be there taking selfies with 18th century townhouses in the backdrop or even those adorable half-timbered cottages that they often see only in costume dramas. The place would also have been filled with artisan coffee houses and bistros and several branches of retail stores. But, this is not the case in King’s Lynn.

King’s Lynn, with its relative remoteness, boasts of an independent spirit. You can enjoy in the great local culture brimming at the back of the pedimented porticoes. A fair amount of money was also spent on revamping the place.

The geography worked to King’s Lynn’s advantage centuries ago before the trade switched to the Atlantic. This is the reason why King’s Lynn remains beautiful to this day and age with all its alleys, warehouses, and cobbles.

King’s Lynn also used to be the country’s biggest port and the merchants flaunted their money on the townhouses that date as far back as 18th century.

King’s Lynn is Well Connected

Riding the trains, it will only take you 52 minutes to get to Cambridge and 1 hour and 50 minutes to get to London. If driving, it will just take you 50 minutes to get to the A1 and Peterborough, 75 minutes to Cambridge, 70 minutes to Norwich, and 30 minutes to Hunstanton’s seaside.


Other Facts about King’s Lynn

Eastgate is the outstanding primary school in the area while Springwood High is a good choice for secondary school. The old town of King’s Lynn is a real winner in more ways than one. From the stunning King Street to the brick Georgian townhouses that line London Road, you can be in awe of amazing period properties from 15th century onwards. Friar’s Street also has a pretty corner of cottages. You will never run out of options here when it comes to houses that will fit your taste, style, and budget.

With all of these, it is easy to say that King’s Lynn is indeed a nice place to live.


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