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How Much Does It Cost to Put in Central Heating System UK?


How Much Does It Cost to Put in Central Heating System UK?

New central heating system installation in the UK includes pipework, heating controls, radiators, and a boiler. The cost of this particular project usually varies based on the specific size of your heating system and there are times when you might also need an expansion and feed tank as well as a hot water storage cylinder. However, the typical cost of central heating system ranges from £3,000 to £4,000.

The price of every element required and included in the system will vary depending on the manufacturer. You also need to consider the plumbing company set rates for installation and labour.

Considering all of these, it is safe to say that every central heating system installation is unique and different from each other. There are also numerous variables that can affect the final cost, including the following:

  • Boiler brand, size, and type
  • Size and style of underfloor heating or radiators
  • Ease of installation (empty homes will require faster installation than properties with occupants)
  • Sophistication of heating controls

All of these must be included and considered in the quote that a central heating installer will give you.

If the potential cost of central heating system installation of £3,000 to £4,000 feels too much for you, you can just think of the savings you will get to enjoy if you upgrade your current heating system. Today’s modern boilers are made to be more efficient, not to mention that they also use less fuel compared to older units while still offering the same amount of heat.

These modern boilers are also equipped with a condensing technology that helps in the significant reduction of the system’s loss of heat during operation. The result is that these units can reach efficiencies of more than 90%.  This means that for each £1 that you spend to heat up your home, a mere 10p gets lost in the form of wasted heat. This can then add up to significant savings on energy bills if you will consider the fact that older boilers have poor efficiency.

Maximizing your energy savings doesn’t only stop here. It will also help to invest in effective insulation and introduce smart heating controls. Insulation can stop the heat from escaping from your house while the smart heating controls will learn the heating habits in your home. The use of a smart thermostat also lets you be in full control of heating using your smartphone even if you are away from home.

Estimate Cost of Central Heating System for a 3-Bedroom House

This estimate is for the cost of an average central heating installation for a 2-storey 3 bedroom. This cost of installation is based on an engineer who charges a daily rate of £200 with £100 per day for an additional labourer.

  • 9 Radiators supply and installation: £1,000 to £1,200

  • New boiler supply and installation : £900 to £1,400

  • Water tank supply an installation: £150 to £200

  • Pipework supply and installation: £800 to £1,000

  • Miscellaneous parts and labour: £150 to £200

  • Total Cost: £3,000 to £4,000


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